It's been a VERY long time!

Hi All!

I stumbled onto this account last week (coincidentally :) ), and I'm amazed at how long its been since I've last posted!
I've had a very, very busy rl, with the adjusting after the wedding (changed job, we've moved house last year, etc.).

I decided that I'm going to try and keep up with lj once again.

Update on Gran!

I just called my mother, she's been to the hospital this morning. Some good and some bad news. The good news is that my grandmother is doing better atm. She's still in the ICU, but tomorrow she'll be relocated.. :)

The bad news is that they found out this morning that the thing that made everything escalate with her yesterday evening was probably a little heart-attack. I've heard some stories of people that had several in short time. So I'm praying that she wont have another one! At least she's in the hospital and they're monitoring everything, that's a good thing! 

My mom said I can visit with her when I get out of work (I pass the hospital on my way home...), but only for a couple of minutes as it isn't in the visiting hour.

I'm feeling hopeful that she'll make it!
And thank you all for your kind messages!!!


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We're very much on schedule! Curtains and bed are coming next Friday (21th), and the rest of the furniture will be delivered the 25th. That leaves us 2 weeks to move in all our stuff and take the rest of the time to RELAX before the wedding! :)))

I plan to do most of the cleaning next week, before all the stuff is brought in. Our own bedroom and the bathroom are already finished, and I started on the kitchen tonight...

Btw, I've been to the bridal shop for the final fitting of my wedding dress this afternoon and it was PERFECT!!! All the adjustments they had to do we're done very well! They're going to work on the final touches now and then I can pick it up on the 6th... 
*happy dance* 
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First of all, I want to apologize to everyone whose birthdays I've missed. Life is crazy over here, and I really have too little time to keep up with everything on line. So no excuse, I know.

This afternoon I've been to Belgium for the first fitting of my wedding dress. I was very excited about it, of course. Mostly because I've ordered the dress in March, and it took 5 months to be made and delivered to the shop. But today was the day!!!

I'm very happy to tell you all that the dress is still THE dress for me, and that it only looks better when it's made in your own sizes... (duh!) They only have to make some minor adjustments to the upper part of the dress.
13th September I have my second fitting, and then it should be ok!

So excited! :)))))))))))
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The Mousetrap

So, my colleagues have been hunting down a mouse that they saw in the office last Saturday. But they didn't find it.

I did just now: it was inside the copy machine!!! I pulled open the paper tray and it jumped out.

Freaky fact: the mouse pied on the paper, I scared him that much :)

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Ok, so I thought I had a busy life....
Apparently it can get even busier! 

My parents house is finally sold, and we have to move out asap = 31th of May.....
So: 8 days left to pack, change the website of the B&B that my mom will continue in the new house (but with less rooms, she wants to take it easy at her age :P ), send all the guests and family notice of our moving, cleaning the new house (which is almost done now), etc, etc.

So, even less time to catch up on everything! Are there very important things that I've missed so far?

Ok, have to go now, I have some envelopes to write :S
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R. and I have bought all the downstairs furniture yesterday! So that includes:

* 1 leather couch
* 2 leather chairs matching the couch
* 1 coffee table
* 1 dining table
* 4 chairs matching the dining table
* 1 book closet
* 1 wardrobe

Wow, we really spent a lot of money... :) But it is definitely worth it!!!
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